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18.12.2020 - Percentage statistics are based on alpha developement!
dS: Rust
dS: Counter Strike: GO
dS: Framework

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Dominate The Game!

Written By PCkTM

So, now that you found DownloadedSkills, let us ask you this question:
Do you want to win, or do you want to Dominate? Think about that for a moment.

If you're happy with just winning:
Then you should probably go join any other random provider out there where they don't keep score.
Because they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
Let's face it: They all sell the same junk wrapped into a different package.
For different prices & it mostly contains loads of public code.

When you are obsessed with destroying a game seriously.
There is only one thing to live for:
To completely and totally dominate your opponent(s).
It is not about how you play the game, it is about how you dominate it.
And that is exactly what we do!

If you want to beat, destroy, and completely obliterated your opponent(s):
You need DownloadedSkills!

The intensity is through the roof here. Anything less than 100% dedication is no option for us!
There is no touchy-feelyness here. We will help you to make your opponent(s) RAGE QUIT!
The term "hardcore rage" doesn't even begin to come close.

If you put dominating your enemy above every thing else in your life.
That is, doing what ever it takes and sacrificing all else, JOIN US!
Your competition probably already has.

DownloadedSkills - Dominate The Game!

Coming Soon!

Prepare for the ultimate engine clienthooks - No half assed jobs alias DirectX Frameworks :)