( Frequently Asked Questions )

Q: - How do I pay for a hack?
A: - Contact the Admin(s)

Q: - What payment methods do you accept here at DownloadedSkills?
A: - Paypal, PSC - However this is limited.

Q: - Can I get free hacks?
A: - No, can we fly... oh wait we have no wings! SHIT HAPPENS..

Q: - I do not have the full amount of funds ready to purchase can I split the payment?
A: - No, the full amount of money has to be paid at once.

Q: - Can I get Discounts?
A: - Wont happen, only if there is some special "SALE"

Q: - I bought a product but I do not have acces yet?
A: - Be patient we sort your order within 48 hours.

Q: - The product I bought does not work / crashes / errors
A: - Refer to the corresponding support section of the product.

Q: - What about refunds?
A: - This is situation dependant!

Q: - I have a laptop and a desktop PC, can I use the product on both systems?
A: - No, the hack(s) are locked to that specific system.

Q: - I want to work for DownloadedSkills!
A: - We do not hire, Invite only :)


( Terms OF Service )

1: Acceptance of Terms OF Service:

By entering downloadedskills.com, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Service.

2: Our Service:

Our website and services provided to you on and through our web site are on an "AS IS" basis.

3: Forum / Site Acces:

If you are affiliated with any of these companies, this includes but is not limited to:

Infinity Ward
Valve / Steam
iD Software
Electronic Arts
Epic Games Inc.
Epic Games International, S.à r.l.

Valve Anticheat ( VAC )
Easy Anti-Cheat ( EAC )
SourceMod Anticheat
Battle Eye
Universal Anticheat
Or any 3rd party anti cheat

Any company, individual or group selling game hacks outside of DownloadedSkills!
You are you are PROHIBITED to enter the DownloadedSkills forum!

4: Payment policy:

We do not allow the user to share or resell his dS Software license!
It will result in your account being instantly disabled!

Any kind of fraud(s) will result in your account being instantly disabled!
And the software license will be suspended! Leaving you with nothing :)

This includes but not limited to:

Trying to bypass / crack the software's AUTHENTICATION system!
Share the software's binary & resource files!
Share your dS software license! ( username & password )

All dS software binaries are unique, tracing down the violator will be a piece of cake!

5: Refund Policy:

dS Software and licenses, are virtual items which are:
NON-returnable and NON-refundable. ( You cannot return a gamehack physically! )